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Portable infrared saunas – Which one is the best?

Top 3 Portable Infrared Saunas


Portable infrared saunas are getting a lot of attention from people that are health-minded. Personal saunas offer numerous health benefits and are a great way to de-stress, relax, and self-care.

It’s no wonder, given their many positive attributes, that there are a variety of competing manufacturers and options available from many different sellers.

Portable infrared saunas, in particular, are experiencing a burst of popularity thanks to their affordability and convenience.

Some of the most popular models available today include the Dr. Cells TCG Sauna Luxwell, an impulsive far infrared temperature control negative ion and germanium portable sauna, the Relax Far Infrared Ray Sauna with 100% far infrared technology, and the Portable Infrared Home Spa by Serene Life.

After an overview of infrared benefits, we’ll compare and contrast the Top 3 portable infrared saunas, these exceptional choices.



Why portable infrared?

Many people are familiar with traditional saunas (or “Swedish’ steam saunas). These devices use a variety of high-quality technologies from fire to electricity in order to create a humid, warm, steamy environment.

Portable infrared saunas help the body detoxify, soothe sore muscles, and enhance relaxation.

Of course, having a steam sauna at home is really only for the wealthy—even if you do decide to install a personal steam sauna, it can be a very involved process, requiring you to give up space in your home or even build an addition.

Infrared saunas offer just as many (if not more) benefits than steam saunas, and portable infrared saunas are far more affordable and accessible to the general population.

Like steam saunas, infrared saunas encourage your body to release and eliminate toxins through perspiration.

However, they’re actually even more effective than Swedish-style steam saunas. In fact, some studies suggest you eliminate up to 7 times more toxins when using an infrared sauna.

This healthy way to encourage perspiration can be key in not only detoxifying your body as a whole but in clearing up skin conditions.

Relax, relax, relax…


Relaxation is another important benefit. By helping to regulate the stress hormone cortisol, produced by the body due to stress, lack of sleep, etc.

Portable infrared saunas can give you a new lease on life! They’re even great furthermore, the reduction of cortisol can help in pain management.

Infrared saunas also contribute to pain relief in other ways. Infrared heat helps to improve circulation and muscle relaxation which can reduce inflammation in the body. This inflammation is often the cause of pain or exacerbates it.

This increased circulation can also improve muscle recovery times after exercise and speed healing.

Truly, there are no downsides to infrared saunas! Of course, knowing that you want one is one thing, but knowing which one to get is another.


How does infrared work?

You may be thinking to yourself that it sounds like you could just use a space heater for these benefits. One of the most interesting things about infrared technology, however, is the unique way in which it warms your body.

Instead of heating up the air surrounding you (typically inside a dome which allows your head and hands to remain free while seated), infrared rays penetrate your skin and directly heat your body.

That’s right—the air around you doesn’t warm up at all. So you aren’t actually heating your home up to 140 degrees—just your body.

This makes infrared saunas safe and convenient for use in the home. It also is suggested that infrared heat is better tolerated by those who find the warmth in steam rooms and dry saunas uncomfortable.

While you will certainly be aware of the heat and feel it and sweat a great deal, the fact that it’s a different “type” of heat can make it more enjoyable for some users.



How to choose an infrared portable sauna?

There are several considerations involved in choosing your own portable infrared sauna:

  • Technology

Not all infrared saunas offer the same type of infrared technology. In fact, there are varying types of infrared: far infrared, middle infrared, and near infrared, and each has its own merits.

  • Price

You’ll notice when browsing for an infrared sauna that different models vary wildly in price.  For example, the SereneLife portable sauna we’re about to review is a mere $199, while the Dr. Cells’ version we’re going to discuss is nearly $3,500. Why? More expensive isn’t necessarily better, but less expensive isn’t always a better deal. We’ll talk about how to make a wise decision within your budget.

  • Other Features

As you might expect, the price disparity between different portable sauna options is often due to the fact that they have different features, options, controls, etc.  We’ll give you a breakdown of the main features of each of the top 3 portable infrared saunas options we’ve listed, so you can decide for yourself what’s important to you.





TCG Sauna Luxwell Dr. Cells Impulsive Far Infrared Temperature Control Negative Ion and Germanium Portable Detox Relax Sauna. 


portable infrared saunas


This is a full-featured portable sauna, on the pricier side. Technology-wise, this sauna focuses on three treatments: far infrared heat, germanium, and negative ions.

Far infrared heat is particularly known for its detoxification properties, being more useful than near and middle infrared levels if detox is your focus.

Germanium refers to a chemical element that looks similar to tin. It can be used to infuse water, but it can also be an element in a dry sauna. In this case, the element is present in the footing slab of the sauna.

Germanium is known to promote circulation, detoxify, improve healing and the immune system, and offer many other benefits. It’s a great complement to infrared therapy. Finally, negative ions have a host of their own positive benefits, including reducing stress levels and promoting peace of mind.

The Dr. Cells sauna includes a chair that generates negative ions.

Other features of this sauna include an auto temperature control as well as the ability to manually control the temperature, up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.  The chair height is fully adjustable, and the sauna also features convenient pouches for your cell phone and water bottle, so you can stay connected and hydrated during your sessions.

Out of all 3 Top portable infrared saunas, this is our last pick.



Relax Far 100% Far Infrared Portable Sauna. 


Top portable infrared saunas



The Relax Far’s claim to fame is it’s 100% far infrared levels.  Many other brands of sauna don’t guarantee this, and may only be producing 25% or less far infrared light.  Customer reviews generally support this claim, with many users enthusiastically stating that the sauna heats up faster, and provides a more rejuvenating, effective sweat session.

Another thing that sets the Relax Far apart from its competitors is its low EMF levels. EMF, or electromagnetic fields, surround us at all times, as they are produced by all manner of electrical technology.

Because prolonged exposure to high levels of EMF may be linked to certain ailments or even increased stress levels, it makes sense to look for a sauna—which surrounds you with electrical components, perhaps for long sessions and frequently—that has a low EMF rating.

While this isn’t important to all users, it may be a contributing factor in why the Relax Far has such satisfied users.  After all, if you are using a sauna to destress, you don’t want its positive effects to be undermined by a high EMF rating!

Its fast, even heating and medical grade construction has made this a top choice for those seeking mid-range sauna in terms of price.

Out of all 3 Top portable infrared saunas, this is our 2nd pick.





SereneLife Portable Infrared Home Spa/One Person Sauna for Detox and Weight Loss. 



portable infrared saunas



This is the least expensive sauna on our list. Like the Relax Far, it has a low EMF rating but does not make claims regarding the percentage of far, middle, or near infrared level heat.

Like the other two options, it does come with a chair. However, the chair isn’t adjustable, and may be less comfortable for overweight users, and finding a chair small enough to use inside of the dome while being more comfortable may be difficult.

However, at only 20 lbs when packed up, the Serene Life Portable Infrared Home Spa is one of the lightest and most portable choices on the market. Many users have no problems transporting the spa for client treatments, or even bringing it to their own office for some downtime sessions over lunch or when working late.

Recently, SereneLife has upgraded the design to allow the users’ hands to be free outside of the dome, so that you can read or use a phone or tablet during your session.

Also, while its controls may not be as detailed as the Dr. Cells portable far infrared saunas’, it does reach 140 degrees and offers several programming options to give you the best session for your needs.

Whether you have a tight budget, or you’re just not ready to invest in a more expensive spa yet, don’t let the extraordinarily low price tag on this one put you off. It might be inexpensive, but it is still a very well designed, effective spa for the money.

Out of all 3 Top portable infrared saunas, this is our 1st pick.




Which one is the best choice out of the top 3 portable infrared saunas?

To be entirely honest, all three of these saunas are very solid choices.

  • If this is your first foray into infrared, and you aren’t sure if it’s for you; by all means, try out a less expensive model like the SereneLife first.

However, if you have more of a budget to work with, it’s worth trying infrared at a gym or spa first. These high-quality devices are easy to set.

  • If the positive benefits still appeal to you after a test drive: you may be better off investing in a higher-end model, like the RelaxFar.
  • If you absolutely know that infrared is for you, and you’re intrigued by the additional benefits offered by negative ions and germanium: the Dr. Cells’ sauna is a fantastic choice for a long-lasting, fully featured spa.


In the end, which portable sauna is best” isn’t a straightforward answer. It’s a combination of factors and how they relate to your own personal needs and preferences.

There you have it!

Top 3 portable infrared saunas based on technology, price, and other features. 




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