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Qigong and what does it cure for you?

If you suffer from joint pains, muscular tension, rheumatism, backache, feelings of tiredness, stress, or if you just want to have fun playing a sport and your body can’t take it anymore, then Qigong is for you! 

Qigong for back pain.


The good news is that through regular qigong practice, these tensions will gradually disappear and you will regain a physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

It is smarter to light a tiny lamp than to complain about the darkness. 

It took me a little less than two years to make all these problems a distant memory.

Six years later, not only am I cured but I have become a seasoned economist in my metabolism! This journey also gave me another look at life, much more exciting! This is made possible by the strength of the energy we have in each of us and that 95% of us do not know.

I speak from experience, I have long suffered from my knee, chronic pain accentuated by the practice of jogging. I had regular back pain from prolonged sitting positions, related to my office work, and periods of stress that added a layer of extra muscle tension.

Today? I can run, jump, slouch on a sofa without the fear of not getting up again, it changed my life!

Qi Gong: the three key phases.

In this article, I will show you the 3 essential phases to reach this result as part of a regular practice.

Other articles and videos will show you in more detail each of these points. 

I also advise you: Qi Gong, the way of calm. Above all, it is important to put oneself in a psychological condition. That is to say …?

Well, just refocus on yourself, chase the thoughts that invade us and pollute our minds. Daily tasks that must not be forgotten, family problems, work, health …

Getting in condition is also focusing on listening to your body: stiffness in a muscle, pain, articulation that will have to be spared. The preventive and curative action of Qi Gong qigong exercises credit: richly Friborg centre Qigongs are energetic movements.

The execution of these movements allows the circulation of the Qi (pronounced “Chi”), the vital energy throughout the body and in particular in the parts that are or have been closed to this circulation. In Chinese thought, mechanical dysfunctions, diseases, trauma arise from a poor circulation of energy in our body. The Qi flows through the so-called Chinese channels called “meridians”.

Qi can be activated at specific points of the body: acupuncture points.

Activation of these points can be done in various ways:

  • With needles: from a certified acupuncture practitioner!
  • With the fingers: by pressure, impact, or simple contact!
  • By the thought: the simple intention on a point during a movement can channel the flow of energy through this point!

Qigong was born from centuries of research and practice, originally by Taoist monks, then passed on to healers and doctors.

1- Feel the energy, the Qi.  Qi Gong energy!


In order to feel the Qi the prerequisite for feeling the IQ, the vital energy, is to relax.

Relaxation for some is already an exercise that is not easy to overcome.

Some people have to get rid of years of bad postures, injuries caused by intense sports practices, repetitive gestures at work.

These accumulated bad habits left an impression of contracture throughout the body, inducing the seizure or blockage of certain joints including the back and shoulders.
The stress of everyday life also generates internal and joint tensions that are difficult to evacuate.

Even today, when I learn a new form, my tai chi teacher assists me regularly: “relax your shoulders”, bad habits are stubborn! Qi is not a view of the mind, we do not speak of esotericism.

Energy flows in the body as in any living organism. Everyone can feel it. The area with the strongest sensation is in the hands, the most abundant area of nerve endings. This is usually manifested by a sensation of warmth in the palm and sometimes tingling at the end of the fingers.

When we can feel this heat, it is that we are really listening to ourselves, it can come from the first time.

2- Activate the circulation of IQ


Feeling the Qi is a first step but to achieve a healing effect, it will have to activate its circulation channels: the meridians. How to activate the Qi? Remember rule number 1: Relaxation.

I know, I repeat myself, but it’s fundamental! It is important to feel your body relaxed, to eliminate muscle tension. To achieve this, you need to do a quick mental check up from the head. In a posture, legs apart a distance equivalent to the size of the pelvis, with a slight flexion of the knees (unlocked knees), relax the muscles of the forehead, the jaw, the neck, the shoulders, the lumbar, the perineum.

The circulation will begin with body movements. Circular movements in general, but also contraction/relaxation movements, static postures, rubbing or body percussion massages, internal self-massages. The good circulation of IQ can only be done with controlled breathing.

Indeed, the Chinese meaning of Qi is the breath of life/energy.

According to traditional Chinese thinking, this energy is brought by food and breathing. It is by a control of the respiration that one activates the circulation of Qi.
This work is all the more effective when one adopts a diaphragmatic (ventral) type of breathing, which also allows a self-massage of the internal organs.

Two actions are produced: the acupuncture points, the relay points, open to the passage of Qi. the meridians are stretched, dilated, creating a sort of highway for the circulation of energy.

3- Channeling the flow of Qi energy.



Channel the IQ through work on breathing and stimulation of acupuncture points, stretching meridians, energy will flow into our body.

In order to feed this energy, you will have to add what is called: the intention. Depending on what part we want to be treated, we will focus on the path and destination of this energy.

The first phase is collecting: we capture the energy of the sky. (the earth with for example the palm of the hands by acupuncture points that we call Lao Gong.)

This energy is penetrated into our body by the different doors or chakras, and we direct it by thought to the organs concerned. This conscious flow will feed the concerned areas and rebalance our metabolism.

The image that can be associated with the movement of energy is the comparison between the river that flows and feeds the biotope as opposed to a pond that stagnates attracting parasites!


If you want to find out more about the Qigong: Click HERE.
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